Professional Photographer Services

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I offer a handful of services to fellow photographers. For a full list of services, pricing, and terms, read the Photographer Services Sheet.

Services include in-person coaching, video chat critique & coaching, written critique & consultation, and more. The subjects can range from creative feedback to camera geek troubleshooting of advanced techniques!

Portfolio Critiques & Creative Feedback

Creativity, not camera gear, is the most important thing to any photographer. So as fun as it is to be a “camera geek”, we must always remember to put creativity first! I offer both portfolio critiques, and basic to advanced feedback and guidance, to all types of photographers. My passion is landscape, nightscape, timelapse and outdoor photography, however, I have also worked full-time for 15 years as a photographer, shooting weddings & portraits, sports, concert & theater, commercial and architectural imagery.d

Coaching, Critique, or Consultation Services

In-person coaching can include in-depth portfolio or single image critiques, editing and post-production workflow coaching and consultation, and actual shooting-related technique mastery, to professional / business strategy consultations.

Contact me for further details to determine if I am the correct fit for what you’re hoping to master!


Video Chat Critique and/or Coaching

Some things do not necessarily need to be taught in-person, but are still difficult to explain in written form alone. Visual and verbal communication is a fantastic way to get the most out of both your time and money.

Using video chat, (Google, Skype, or Facetime) I am able to offer a more rapid critique of images, as well as in-depth instruction for all manner of things from setting up a timelapse, to post-producing a complicated landscape scene.

Camera Gear Related Service

I offer a few services related to camera gear itself, including sensor cleaning, lens & body autofocus calibration, and basic diagnostic services.

“What’s Wrong With This Image? Is There Something Wrong With My Camera?”

With over 10 years of experience in the field of both nightscape photography, and professional camera gear reviewing, I have developed a very keen eye for troubleshooting every possible quirk or mistake that exists in the realm of landscape and nightscape photography. Is there something wrong with your lens? Is there something wrong with your sensor? Are you doing everything right, but your images are still soft? Do you think your images are as sharp as they can be, yet you’re not one hundred percent certain what “maximum sharpness” actually might look like for your given camera and lens?

I’ve seen it all. Whether you’re concerned that the brand-new lens you’ve bought is a lemon, or your pride-and-joy lens/body just suffered an impact on concrete, I can usually diagnose an issue in less than 15 minutes, and provide examples of what you should be able to expect from a certain lens or camera.


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Physical Gear Service & Diagnosis

If you are local, or willing to ship your gear fully insured, I am happy to have a look at actual equipment and give a professional diagnosis regarding physical damage or correct/accurate function.

For contact information & pricing, please view the Photographer Services Sheet.