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Nikon D800e Battery Endurance Test Results

Upon buying a mint D800e, of course the very first thing I did was timelapse it on my balcony.  At average outdoor (warm) summer temps, (good for battery performance, not so good for exposures longer than 30 seconds due to christmas light noise) …I was able to pull off 99 1-minute exposures (11 minutes short of 2 hrs) with something like 15-20% of battery life to spare.


This is pretty promising for warmer temperatures, especially considering that the D800e (and D800) are known to have a magical extra bit of life in the last 10% of battery, at least in normal shooting conditions.

I’ll report back again when I’ve had a chance to completely drain a full, healthy battery.  Hopefully I can record well over 2 hrs of timelapse, even using the built-in intervalometer! (The built-in intervalometer, although extremely nifty, does consume more battery power compared to using an external intervalometer.)