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Alpine Labs Radian – Timelapse Device Quick Intro

I’m always on a quest for ultra-lightweight, simple, and affordable equipment.

That’s one of the main reasons why, despite owning two full-frame cameras and a handful of lenses, I still frequently reach for my crop-sensor Nikon D5300 and Tokina 11-16mm for creating both still images and timelapse footage.

I obsess over weight for reasons other than just being a sissy, by the way.  (Although that may be one of the reasons.) I obsess over weight because the lighter the gear, the easier it is to bring two or three cameras into the wilderness! (Watch this video if you haven’t already)

I obsess over price for reasons other than just being cheap-o, too.  (Although, again, that could be one of the reasons…) Mostly, I like affordable gear because it makes me a little more willing to take a risk I might not be willing to take if $5,000 is at stake.  (Either by destruction, theft, or confiscation by authorities…  ;-)


It is on that note that I present to you my newest tool:  The Alpine Labs Radian, a simple, portable, and affordable timelapse device.  Stay tuned for a full review here, and on, but in the meantime, suffice it to say I’m excited about the specs, the weight, and the price!  In fact it’s so light, at first I kept looking through the box for a heavy battery or something to go with it.  But that’s it!  Less than 1 lb.  It’s also extremely simple to set up, if you have any experience with timelapse intervals and workflow. Set the total time, the angle to rotate, and the interval, then click “upload”. (And then you can unplug your phone, too, which is nice.  Your phone will even keep a graphic representation of the progress, and let you know when it’s done.)

Take care and happy clicking,